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Twitter archive and #FF policy

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Check out my searchable Twitter archive. It’s copied manually from Twitter so will lag behind the live feed.

Follow Friday (#FF) Policy

I’d like to thank all those who see fit to inform their Twitter followers via the Follow Friday #FF hashtag that @Amused_Atheist would be worth checking out. Perhaps for the humor, perhaps because, “You’re not going to believe this weirdo!” Regardless, a sincere thank you.

I will try to thank you with a reply but sometimes, due to the limitations of my Twitter client, I may not see your mention. My apologies.

As for my own #FFs, I don’t usually single out my favorites because my favorites are probably your favorites too. Just check out my Following list to see who I enjoy. That list will have minor tweaks now and then, but it’s a pretty fine group. Even those with just a few followers of their own can be pretty insightful.

I tend to get followers in batches and I try to check out the new ones to see if I want to follow them back, but I’m often too busy to do that. The best way to have me follow back is to engage me via a reply. If it’s funny, or witty, or thoughtful, or you’ve got a funny avatar or handle, I’ll see if your tweets align with my interests.

This is my atheist account and as such I use it to view primarily postings on atheism and religion. I may still follow if I enjoy the rest of your tweets but if you mainly post on cricket, or fantasy football with the occasional atheist tweet, then no, I won’t follow back. Sorry.

You won’t find me shilling for followers. The number of followers I have doesn’t matter to me. We all start out with zero, yet we post anyway. I tend to post whatever comes to mind when a random neuron fires, or I’m high on cold medicine, or I read some news that sets me off.

In closing, let me say that the overwhelming majority of the atheists I’ve encountered on Twitter are smart, liberated, loving, happy people. I’m sincerely grateful to be part of your community.