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Full meal deal

I asked the Lord to satisfy my stomach as if I’d had a full meal. – Rita Chretien after surviving 7 weeks in Nevada wilderness.

Um, Rita? A few questions …

  • How come your god let you get in that predicament to start with?
  • Why did he let it go on so long?
  • Why did he let your husband die but save you?
  • Why did you ask him to satisfy your stomach as if you’d had a full meal? I guess you were pretty sure he wouldn’t give you real food. God’s a prick, eh Rita?
  • Why do you continue to worship a god that would put you through this ordeal?

God is a fictional being created by man and worshipped by the ignorant. I’m happy that you survived, Rita. I’m saddened that you are no more enlightened than when you got yourself lost.

Act of god

I’m wondering why theists haven’t considered the phrase, “act of god,” more critically.

The insurance industry uses this expression to describe horrible, natural events like hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc.

So this is the god you worship, huh? Very interesting, but stupid.

Christian values

“Savage” Northern Ireland sectarian clash injures 47 police

Forty-seven police were injured while trying to separate Catholic and Protestant rioters in Belfast on Sunday, when violence broke out during a march by a Catholic band, Northern Ireland police said on Monday.


Atheists don’t riot and hurt police just because Christians go to church, go for a walk, or play music. Atheists don’t believe in these kinds of Christian values. Atheists aren’t stupid.

But hey, this is all part of god’s plan, right? God floats up there looking down on his children and stirs the pot causing mayhem, violence, and death just for his amusement.

I mean, if there’s any god that should be worshipped it’s gotta be the christian god? Nutjobs worshipping a psycho. I think christians and their god were made for each other.


If god is perfect, then why does he keep fucking up?

His first gig was a joke so he sends a flood and wipes almost everything off the face of the earth, including innocent animals. I guess that makes god less worthy of existence than the animals. God’s pretty stupid, huh?

Wait, you worship this idiot? So I guess that makes you …

Your god is a pervert

Any being that has the power to stop suffering and yet lets so much of it exist in a world it supposedly created is a voyeuristic pervert and sadist.

Worse, if this is your god’s plan, the cock-sucker actually caused the suffering. The starvation, disease, accidents, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados. Shit, that fucker is inventive with all the ways he tortures his “children.”

And you worship him! You worship a being that torments you.

But, you think you’re going to heaven when you die? First off, why would your god let you die. Second, you judge someone on their past actions and man, that dick is the biggest sadist in history. But you trust him to give you a perfect life after you die. You’re hilarious.

Hey theists, look up Stockholm Syndrome. You’re suffering from it big time.