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Oil me up

She gives birth and is called Virgin Mary? And Christians believe that shit. They wouldn’t believe it from anybody else, just some ancient broad who was having an affair and got pregnant.

I suppose the next thing you’re going to tell me is that this olive oil has never been fucked.


Holy shit, I just found the image of a piece of toast hidden in a painting of the virgin Mary!

We can quote the bible too


Go ahead Christians, try executing your wife if she’s not a virgin. I mean, you must follow the bible teachings, right? So you must execute her. You have no choice. Otherwise, you must know that your bible is just bullshit.

You can’t say that the bible is the word of god and then pick and choose which parts you’re going to obey. If you do, then you’re ignoring god’s word and will go to hell.

So yeah, every Christian is going to hell then.

And Christian guys, if you have sex with your girlfriend and then marry her knowing she’s not a virgin, then that’s entrapment. As a good, god-fearing Christian you have to execute her so I guess that’s murder then.

Oh, you Christians are such wild and crazy people. No, I mean literally.

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