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Go ahead, take it

I’m making this offer to all the gods out there …

Go ahead, take the most precious thing from me and make sure I know it was you that took it. You have my permission. I dare you to prove you’re real.

You know, statistically speaking, it’s always possible for an accident to happen resulting in the loss of that most precious thing. Would that be proof of the existence of god? Nope.

And why not, you ask? Because I’m a rational, logical, thinking human being who understands probability. I don’t attribute random acts to a sky fairy.

So yeah, the god who takes it has a high burden of proof, but since it’s omnipotent, that shouldn’t be a problem.


P.S. Not holding my breath.

Equal proof

Each book proves its claim

Actually, neither book can prove anything.

In both cases they claim all kinds of outrageously ridiculous things. Without scientific evidence that’s been peer reviewed and is reproducible by other scientists, it’s all bullshit.

Adults rightly don’t believe in Santa yet they take the Bible as gospel (pun intended).

If anyone claims anything improbable is real, the onus is on them to prove it. So, Christians, you’ve had 2000+ years. Don’t you think it’s time to produce the proof?

Oh, that Santa Claus book? Yeah, well it’s a spoof.

God is impossible: a final proof

Don’t worry, theists. You won’t believe this because it involves logic. That’s a topic that you’re wholly unfamiliar with and don’t believe in.

The Good, the Bad, and the Religious Nutjobs

Anybody who prays for deliverance from some unspeakable evil, or horror such as cancer, tornado, crazed gunman, or car accident has surely got to ask why their god sent that horror to them.

I mean, if your god has some great, mysterious plan, then why the fuck are you praying to get him to change his mind? Do you think you’re smarter than your god? You’re clearly not very bright because — well — you believe in invisible beings whose existence has never been proven.

And to all the sports players who thank the lord for letting your side win I can only say that you’re demented. Do you honestly believe that a being that is supposed to have created the vast universe gives a shit about your stupid game? And what, he hates the other team?

If I was that god and had to listen to all the petty prayers, fuck, I’d wipe all human life off the face of the earth. None of that Noah shit either. Everybody goes. OK, I’d keep the atheists. At least they wouldn’t be pestering me all the time.

And you know what? If I was a god, I would make it pretty damn clear that I existed. I’d offer up incontrovertible proof. I’m god. I can do anything.

God damn, religious nutjobs are so stupid.

The burden of proof is on the theists

Given sufficient scientifically verified evidence I will agree that god exists. Or Godzilla for that matter.

Or Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, an honest lawyer, a selfless CEO, …