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Challenge to the Pope

I challenge Pope Benedict XVI to do what Anthony Quinn’s character did in The Shoes of the Fisherman.

This movie is hard to find as it’s old and not popular, particularly amongst the Catholics. Rent it if you can. If not, then you can buy it from:

Or read through this plot synopsis. SPOILER WARNING: The last paragraph is the most important, and it’s a plot spoiler.

Of course, the movie came out in 1968 and there have been four popes since then and none of them have taken the movie to heart, so no, the Catholic Church thinks only of itself. Pompous bastards.

The Catholic Church makes a mockery of their own religion.

Silly rituals

“The moment the Pope realized that it was all a bit silly.”

The rituals of any religion were designed to awe the members thousands of years ago when men created the religions as a means of controlling, and subjugating the population. Religion is all about power and control, or simply mind-fucking.

What’s embarrassing to our generation is the number of idiots who still think this bullshit is worth wasting their lives over.

My favorite is the Catholic church’s communion. Eating the body of christ and drinking his blood. Now that is some fucked up shit.