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We’re not angry at your god

I came back to Twitter and found an atheist and some moronic Christian having a discussion in my mentions. It caught me in a grumpy mood but I don’t like debating theists very often:

I don’t argue with theists because it’s too difficult to tell the fundies from the trolls from the mentally challenged. #Atheist — @Amused_Atheist 2012-11-05 13:38 EST.

I didn’t want to give this idiot any publicity — that’s what trolls crave — so I replied in my main feed. Correction, I went on a well deserved rant.

Since theists are pretty thick (willfully so), particularly Christians, let me explain one more time (sigh) … — (view)

When #atheists talk about your god like it’s real, we’re parodying your belief in it. Is that too hard for you to grasp? — (view)

We’re saying, “IF your god existed, why does it do none of the things you ascribe to it? Why does it let children be raped & murdered? — (view)

We cannot be angry at your god because it doesn’t exist. We are angry at the idiots who interfere with our lives in the name of their god. — (view)

We are exasperated at the logic of someone who prays for victims of violence while their “all loving and merciful god” let it happen. — (view)

We are deeply saddened that in this modern age that the fucking majority of the planet believes in sky daddies. Theists are pathetic. — (view)

The new Bible

The New Bible

The New Bible: Fiction, hate, misogyny, rape, murder, assault edited out

God loves a churchgoer

‘Beautiful’ family slain hours after church by ‘mentally ill father who was tormented by the prospect of Obama winning the election’

Albert Peterson shot dead his wife and two sons hours after going to church because he dreaded the thought of Obama winning the election, a family friend has revealed.

– Mail Online

Presumably, the father prayed to his god to help him understand and cope with his fears. But there was no god to hear.

It does not surprise me that a mentally ill man would commit a horrendous crime just hours after leaving church. The fact that he believes in invisible men already puts him at a disadvantage.

If he prays to this invisible man, then the response he hears is actually his own thoughts.

Instead of going to church, he should have sought psychiatric help from a medical professional — what we atheists call ‘real people.’

To the members of this man’s church and religion, you’ve got to be asking yourselves now, just what the fuck good is it to believe in a god that would let this family die so horribly.

Murderer has faith in his god

Texas inmate prepares for 3rd trip to death chamber door, hopes for Supreme Court reprieve

“I don’t want to sound vain, but I have confidence in my attorney and confidence in my God,” he said. “I can win either way.” – Cleve Foster

The Vancouver Sun

And why wouldn’t a murder have faith in his god, after all, when it comes to mass murder, violence, and mayhem, god is the best role model you can have. That fucker really knows how to kill.

I wonder if Cleve ever asked his god why he didn’t stop the murder and save two people. But, the obvious answer is that there is no god. Never was. So Cleve would just be talking to himself. And only Cleve is responsible for his actions.

Religious bounty

Anti-Islam film: Pakistan minister offers bounty

A Pakistani government minister has offered a $100,000 reward for the death of the maker of an anti-Islam film produced in the US.

BBC News

Just lovely, state-sanctioned murder.

Before, we could say it was just Muslim extremists fomenting the violence. Now, it appears that this religious value of tolerance is not at all present in Islam. No, Islam is all about the hating, intolerance, violence, radicalism, and on and on …

To you more moderate Muslims I say to you now, you are being tainted by the whack-jobs in your religion. That means I, and many others, no longer distinguish between radical Muslims and moderate Muslims. There just doesn’t seem to be any difference to us. You all look the same.

If you are a Muslim and don’t agree with all this violence by your donkey-fucking brethren, then you need to find another religion. Or better yet, wake the fuck up and realize that all religions are fairy tales used to keep the ignorant under control. The only logical, science-based truth is atheism.

You don’t see atheists murdering and burning churches and synagogues and mosques just because we don’t agree with your misguided beliefs. No, violence in the name of religion is confined to — well — religion!

The only way to desensitize these fuck-twits is for everybody to piss them off. Then they won’t know where to turn. So here’s my contribution …

Your prophet is a cunt.*


* Notice I didn’t single out any particular prophet. I don’t care who your prophet is or what religion you follow. It’s all a sham anyway.

Religious hypocrisy

Granted, Judaism is pretty stoopid and I see no problem with making fun of it, or any religion, because — let’s face it — religion is hilarious.

But, I also agree with the hypocrisy label. If you’re going to dish it out for your silly religion and don’t expect people of other faiths to murder you for it, then you better take it without resorting to violence.

How many thousands of years have idiotic religious fanatics been murdering people?

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Let’s riot!


OK, all you atheists. This drawing of Charles Darwin as an ape is blasphemy. I say we riot and go burn some churches and synagogues and embassies and kill everyone we find because that’s the Muslim way.

God I love religious values, it gives me an excuse to be a total shit-head. Too bad I’m not catholic because after murdering someone I’d confess my sins and be able to go to heaven when I die.

I think we should try that scam with our current judicial system. Go and murder a police officer, confess to a judge that you did it, be absolved of the crime by saying some “hail mary’s” and “our father’s,” go about your business.

What do you mean, “it doesn’t work that way?” You mean catholicism is a fantasy? Who knew?

Getting a little behind there?

No, I don’t mean you’re sodomizing anyone. Jesus, get your mind out of the gutter.

I was just reading the news and suddenly realized that I hadn’t read about any new kidnappings and murders on behalf of some religious nutjob’s faith. But, I guess it happens so frequently it’s just not news anymore.

Come on, nutjobs, pick up the pace. You’re doing this for your god, right?