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Traditional marriage

This cartoon succinctly describes the hypocrisy of religions who stupidly believe that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Or, in the case of Mormons and Muhammed, children.

Religious tolerance

Bahawalpur mob justice: ‘Blasphemer’ burnt alive by mob as police looked on.

In a harrowing incident of mob justice, hundreds of people accused a ‘deranged’ man of sacrilege, mercilessly beat him and burnt him alive in southern Punjab, police said on Wednesday.

The Express Tribune

The man’s crime? Apparently, he threw pages of the Quran on the street. I guess he was cleaning out his birdcage.

People who believe in the Bible don’t seem to be anywhere as violent as those who believe in the Quran. Maybe God and Muhammed should have a cage match and fight to the death.

The only problem I can see with this is that neither one exists.

Go ahead, take any book written by a famous atheist and throw pages on the street. Are you burned alive? Nope. At worst, you’ll get a ticket for littering. Yet somehow theist weirdos feel they can kill anyone who challenges their beliefs. Wow, talk about insecure. I guess they really know the truth but don’t want to admit they’ve been fools all their lives.