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Faith is a dirty word

Nun: Today's assignment is to write an essay about faith, but without using the word “faith.” The F-word is a beautiful thing.

Nun: Today’s assignment is to write an essay about faith, but without using the word “faith.”
Royboy: The F-word is a beautiful thing.

A puzzle for creationists

Given a jigsaw of pieces of evidence to put together, a creationist will start with an absolutely unshakeable conviction that it’ll be a picture of a god. This is called ‘faith’. This is the one thing which cannot be, under any conceivable circumstances, wrong. The picture MUST be of a god. – Rosa Rubicondior

Have faith in your god

This is a sincere message to every religious person reading this.

Please, please, the next time you’re sick or injured, don’t waste time wondering why your god let you down.

Just pray as hard as you can for your god to help you. Get every one of your family members and friends to pray as hard as they can. Ask everyone in your church or synagogue or mosque, and everyone on the Internet to pray for you.

But, whatever you do, don’t go to a doctor or a hospital for treatment.* Those are for atheists like me who don’t believe in your all-powerful, all-loving, caring, and compassionate god.

Your god will save you — but — if he doesn’t, then that was all part of god’s plan and you should never question god’s plan for you. If god wants you to be in horrible pain, or wants you to die a slow, painful death, then who are you to question him?

So remember, don’t see a doctor, just pray.*

Every atheist will be thankful to to have a few less whack-jobs roaming the planet.

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Murderer has faith in his god

Texas inmate prepares for 3rd trip to death chamber door, hopes for Supreme Court reprieve

“I don’t want to sound vain, but I have confidence in my attorney and confidence in my God,” he said. “I can win either way.” – Cleve Foster

The Vancouver Sun

And why wouldn’t a murder have faith in his god, after all, when it comes to mass murder, violence, and mayhem, god is the best role model you can have. That fucker really knows how to kill.

I wonder if Cleve ever asked his god why he didn’t stop the murder and save two people. But, the obvious answer is that there is no god. Never was. So Cleve would just be talking to himself. And only Cleve is responsible for his actions.