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The Irish are a disgrace?

This cartoon came out shortly after the Irish enshrined same sex marriage into their constitution.

Before the Catholic Church points fingers they should familiarize themselves with that whole, “those in glass houses…” saying.

Those Irish are a disgrace to mankind!

Those Irish are a disgrace to mankind!

Challenge to the Pope

I challenge Pope Benedict XVI to do what Anthony Quinn’s character did in The Shoes of the Fisherman.

This movie is hard to find as it’s old and not popular, particularly amongst the Catholics. Rent it if you can. If not, then you can buy it from:

Or read through this plot synopsis. SPOILER WARNING: The last paragraph is the most important, and it’s a plot spoiler.

Of course, the movie came out in 1968 and there have been four popes since then and none of them have taken the movie to heart, so no, the Catholic Church thinks only of itself. Pompous bastards.

The Catholic Church makes a mockery of their own religion.

Islamists are child rapists and pedophiles

Child ‘marriages’ and Sharia courts: It must end now

As you may have seen in the papers recently, there is growing evidence that young children – some as young at 5 years old – are being “married” to older men in Sharia courts across Britain. This is increasingly being sanctioned by the Islamists who run Britain’s network of Sharia courts, and there is evidence that this practice is growing.

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Don’t get smug, catholics. Your priests are child rapists and pedophiles too.

Let’s riot!


OK, all you atheists. This drawing of Charles Darwin as an ape is blasphemy. I say we riot and go burn some churches and synagogues and embassies and kill everyone we find because that’s the Muslim way.

God I love religious values, it gives me an excuse to be a total shit-head. Too bad I’m not catholic because after murdering someone I’d confess my sins and be able to go to heaven when I die.

I think we should try that scam with our current judicial system. Go and murder a police officer, confess to a judge that you did it, be absolved of the crime by saying some “hail mary’s” and “our father’s,” go about your business.

What do you mean, “it doesn’t work that way?” You mean catholicism is a fantasy? Who knew?

Christian values

“Savage” Northern Ireland sectarian clash injures 47 police

Forty-seven police were injured while trying to separate Catholic and Protestant rioters in Belfast on Sunday, when violence broke out during a march by a Catholic band, Northern Ireland police said on Monday.


Atheists don’t riot and hurt police just because Christians go to church, go for a walk, or play music. Atheists don’t believe in these kinds of Christian values. Atheists aren’t stupid.

But hey, this is all part of god’s plan, right? God floats up there looking down on his children and stirs the pot causing mayhem, violence, and death just for his amusement.

I mean, if there’s any god that should be worshipped it’s gotta be the christian god? Nutjobs worshipping a psycho. I think christians and their god were made for each other.

‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’

Hey theists, you know that English rule you learned in school, ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’? Just so you don’t embarrass yourselves trying to argue with an atheist, please note that the ‘e’ comes before ‘i’ in atheist.

That’s right, bitches, atheists aren’t afraid to question doctrine.

But wait, you say, ‘e’ comes before ‘i’ in theists too. True, but you never refer to yourselves as theists. You refer to yourselves as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Mormons, etc. And then there are flavors of those, Catholics, Protestant, Orthodox, and numerous minor variations. You can’t even agree on what to call your delusions.

We make it simple for you. It’s atheist. ‘e’ then ‘i’. And we call you theists.

The only reason we’re even called atheists is because there are so many of you theists who believe in invisible beings whose existence cannot be proven.

So what do we call adults who don’t believe in Santa Claus? Oh, right. We call them normal.