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Let’s riot!


OK, all you atheists. This drawing of Charles Darwin as an ape is blasphemy. I say we riot and go burn some churches and synagogues and embassies and kill everyone we find because that’s the Muslim way.

God I love religious values, it gives me an excuse to be a total shit-head. Too bad I’m not catholic because after murdering someone I’d confess my sins and be able to go to heaven when I die.

I think we should try that scam with our current judicial system. Go and murder a police officer, confess to a judge that you did it, be absolved of the crime by saying some “hail mary’s” and “our father’s,” go about your business.

What do you mean, “it doesn’t work that way?” You mean catholicism is a fantasy? Who knew?


blasphemy |ˈblasfəmē| noun

the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk

Profane talk? Fuck that shit.

Offense? Who the fuck says this is an offense? Oh, the people who belief in an invisible being who lives in the sky and tortures and murders people he supposedly created.


sacrilege |ˈsakrəlij| noun

violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred

Boy, this definition is convoluted, just like religion.

sacred |ˈsākrid| adjective

connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration

Fuck! Does this nested definition ever stop?

veneration |ˌvenəˈrāSHən| noun

great respect; reverence

So blasphemy is the act of speaking without respect or reverence for one or more of the many gods.

But gods are fictional beings. Let’s get this straight …

  • if I say Godzilla is a slimy prick for destroying Tokyo, that’s blasphemy?
  • If I say that Santa Claus is a tightwad for not delivering me that Ferrari on Christmas morning, that’s blasphemy?
  • If I talk about that bitch the Tooth Fairy for stiffing me when my wisdom teeth were pulled, that’s blasphemy?

For Christ’s sake people, wake up. Just read some passages from the Bible and you’ll see that that’s worse than blasphemy. The Bible paints God and Jesus in a far more damning light than I ever could.

So I say, fuck God, fuck Jesus Christ, fuck the Holy Trinity, and fuck all the other fictional beings. Especially you, Godzilla, you’ve been a bad lizard.