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God is with us! Oh really?

Theists fail to see the logical error they make by thanking their god for some “miracle” after a natural disaster. Take the photo below. Ignore that it’s from Fox & Friends, a stain on humanity of unimaginable ignorance.

We can forgive the teen for making such a specious statement of, “God is with us.” Given the amount of childhood religious indoctrination and abuse they were exposed to by simply living in Oklahoma, it’s understandable.

Grown-ups (notice I didn’t say adults because religious adults still haven’t grown up) will see the logical error of ascribing the good to a merciful god, but the massive destruction that allowed a coincidence to appear as an act of god, is blamed on that fucking bitch, Mother Nature.

Logic demands that if you credit god with the “miracle” that you also blame god for the destruction. Christians will never do that though. Why? Well, they’ve created a convenient devil to blame for the bad. But again, they fail to explain rationally why an all-powerful god allowed Satan to come into existence and is powerless to stop him. Apparently, Satan can create a tornado that kills but God can only cut the base off a power pole. Fuck, I could do that with a chainsaw.

Atheists look at images like the one below and really understand that there was no god or devil involved. Just the powerful forces of nature. By the way, I’ve spoken to Mother Nature and she’s really quite nice. You’d like her.

God is With Us

God is With Us

I never thought of that…

It never ceases to amaze me at the number of people on Twitter who ask the moronic question, “If man evolved from apes, why are there still apes?” While the stupidity is amazing it is not surprising that these people do zero research before embarrassing themselves in front of the world.

This “newspaper” story says it best (click for a larger view):


“If man evolved from monkeys…”

Ignorant theists often decide that they’re smarter than the most brilliant scientists of our age and think they can debunk the fact of evolution with one stupid question:

If man evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

Of course, all they would need to do is Google that question, but theists are inherently lazy. Most have never read their holy books and most don’t spend any time thinking about how much their religion is full of shit.

When I came across this image I knew immediately that it was the most cogent response to those who ask that question:

Finger Monkey

Happy to meet your rapist?

Here’s one of the sickest, most vile statements from one of the most deluded Christian scumbags on Twitter:

@Atheist_Eh @NopeNotThisTime @SemanticV0id In heaven the victim will be glad to meet his former rapist, perfectly holy and happy in Christ.

@Atheist_Eh @NopeNotThisTime @SemanticV0id In heaven the victim will be glad to meet his former rapist, perfectly holy and happy in Christ.