Amused Atheist

If you're not an atheist, you're misguided


If you’re a theist reading this and trying to comprehend atheism, the definition of an atheist fits in one sentence …

Atheists believe in one less god than you.

Pretty simple, huh?

That’s because there are about 3000 known deities and you only believe in one of them. You think the other religions are false and people are crazy to believe in them. Atheists just don’t believe in any god, including yours.

If you’ve been brainwashed by your parents and community, I know it’s hard to hear that you’re misguided. It’s not your fault, or even your parent’s fault. Until now, neither you nor they questioned and examined the fallacy that is religion.

Most religious people are kind, loving people — just misguided. Other religious nut jobs are dangerous fanatics that should be avoided and shunned. These are the kind of people who murder for their religion. They’re not misguided. They’re assholes.

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