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If you're not an atheist, you're misguided

We’re not one of you, say Muslim immigrants

A private school in town was sold to a Muslim academy. They tore down the beautiful old post & rail fence surrounding the playground, old growth trees leaving no shade, and play structures. Then they put up a 7’ solid fence around the property that Donald Trump would be proud of, and a wrought iron padlocked gate at the entrance. When I walk by I no longer see children playing or even hear any laughter. Instead of being a part of the community like every other school in town, the message is “KEEP OUT!”

If I step up on a tree stump I can see over the wall into the property. What used to be a beautiful park-like setting for children to play in is now a barren wasteland.

And Muslims wonder why they’re not accepted by the communities they move into. But screw their isolationism and anti-social behavior. I’m sad for the children who will grow up without knowing how to play or feel joy. It’s no wonder some become disillusioned as they reach adulthood, become bitter and envious of other families in the community, and lash out.

“Religion poisons everything.”—Christopher Hitchens

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