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Don’t read this rant about my family

If you’re looking for a rant about my family and their religious beliefs, this is not the article. I’m going to rant about how little effort even family members are willing to expend to make their lives several orders of magnitude easier should a tragedy occur.

Being an engineer who likes to be organized, I have created a comprehensive document for the executors of my wife and my estates documenting to the finest detail everything they will need to know about our insurance, finances, property, investments, wills, power of attorneys, and computer logins. It took countless hours to create last year and I spent numerous hours again this year reviewing and updating the information. It’s 30 pages long to give you an idea of the detail and effort I expended.

The purpose is to save our executors many, many hours of tracking down the information and running up large legal bills. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to handle a complex situation as easily, quickly, and inexpensively as possible.

For security, I created encrypted disk images for OS X and Windows so that our executors would have the files and need only contact our lawyer to obtain the unlock password. I uploaded these files to Dropbox and gave them the download links (it was too large to send via email). I asked them to grab them soon so a) they don’t forget, and b) I don’t like leaving even heavily encrypted files on a cloud service.

To get a copy of the file, which they don’t need to do a damn thing with until my wife and I are both dead or incapacitated, all they have to do is click on the link in the email I sent them. One—fucking—click.

Our executors are my sister and my wife’s sister. As you can guess by the tone so far, it’s been—er—let’s say “difficult” to convince them to click the damn link. To save themselves hours of effort in the future…they can’t click a single link.

My sister-in-law has ignored the email last year and this year. My sister had to be cajoled last year to do it, and this year she took two minutes to write an email explaining why she can’t get to clicking a link in the email she was replying to for several months. MONTHS, to click a link.

Now, I’ve seen procrastination before. My wife is the queen of procrastination, especially if I’m the one asking for something to be done. But our sisters are world champions. Nay, they could literally be champion procrastinators of the known universe.

They can agree to be executors with the enormous effort that entails, but they can’t click a link to save themselves days, weeks, months of effort.

As you can tell, I’m bewildered at these two people and how they not only didn’t thank me profusely for doing something 99.999% of the population won’t spend the effort to do, they can’t even get around to clicking a link.

Truly, this will go down in history as one of the deep mysteries of all time.

Thanks for listening.


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