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ISIS hates Islam

ISIS Hates Islam


This was published on 2014-08-23 by the Canadian Sun newspaper chain a few days after the American journalist, James Foley, was beheaded by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

ISIS is motivated by their beliefs as encapsulated in the Quran that allow infidels to be murdered, but they fail to see the damage they are doing to their own despicable version of religion. These people are the worst of humanity.

Religion poisons everything — Christopher Hitches, God is Not Great

Eliminate the assholes

The Dilbert Principle Book CoverThis excerpt from The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams is one of my favorites. It applies to work and home life situations, and is particularly applicable to religion.

Here are the most useful activities I can think of for a manager:

Eliminate the assholes. Nothing can drain the life-force out of your employees as a few sadistic assholes who seem to exist for the sole purpose of making life hard for others. Unfortunately, assholes often have important job skills that you’d like to keep. My advice is that it’s never worth the tradeoff. In an OA5* company if you’re making your coworkers unhappy, then you’re incompetent by definition. It’s okay to be ‘tough’ and it’s okay to be ‘aggressive’ and it’s okay to disagree — even shout. Some conflict is healthy. But if you do it with disrespect, or you seem to be enjoying it, or you do it in every situation, guess what — you’re an asshole. And you’re gone.

* OA5 — Out At 5 [pm]

Religion is an asshole. It’s sadistic. It may offer some comfort but it’s never worth the tradeoff of sacrificing common sense. It is incompetent, does not respect you, and causes strife in your life and in society. Eliminate this asshole from your life.