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Broken arrow!

I can’t wait for the day when theists around the world shout, “Broken arrow!” to signify they are about to be overrun by logic and reason.

Battle of la Drang — South Vietnam, November, 1965

As the battle along the southern line intensified, Lieutenant Charlie W. Hastings (USAF liaison: forward air controller), made the decision (based on criteria established by the USAF) to transmit the code phrase “Broken Arrow”, which relayed that an American combat unit was in danger of being overrun. In so doing, Hastings was calling on all available support aircraft in the country to come to the battalion’s defense, drawing on a significant arsenal of heavy ordnance support.


The new Bible

The New Bible

The New Bible: Fiction, hate, misogyny, rape, murder, assault edited out

Have you seen my cock?

Source:  The Unknown Comic [Facebook]

The priest of a small village church was proud of the rooster and hens he kept in back of the church. One night his rooster was missing and the priest suspected someone in his congregation stole it.

The next Sunday at mass he asked, “Does anyone have a cock?”

Confused, all the men stood up.

“No,” said the priest. “I mean, has anyone seen a cock?”

Suddenly all the women stood up.

Annoyed, the priest said, “No, you misunderstood. Has anyone seen a cock that doesn’t belong to them?”

This time, half the women stood up.

Now angry, the priest said, “That’s not what I meant either. Has anybody seen my cock?”

All the choir boys stood up.